TEDDYTHOTZ is a social enterprise and a member of raiSE (the centre for social enterprises in Singapore). Their products are handmade and homemade by the elderly, poor, disadvantaged, homemakers, single mums, crafters and indie designers and the profits goes right back to the creator who is dependent on this income to supplement their livelihood. It is here where everything is truly creative and socially beneficial at the same time.


Helmed by Jon and George, the “Elderly Enterprise” was launched to champion the talents and skills of the seniors who are skilled artisans and their “almost flawless” workmanship had been honed after a lifetime of experience. The creative minds of Jon and George, and the unique style that each creator delivers, results in a wide range of products that TeddyThotz offers. From the perennial favourites of quirky bears, crotchet animals, patchwork blankets, batik bags and handcrafted accessories etc, you can even request for something unique customised just for you!


Not just your typical social enterprise, TeddyThotz has also been supporting Friends of the Disabled Society too! By providing simple jobs and imparting skills, members of the society are able to enjoy a regular source of income and benefit from job creation.


We recognise that the journey for social enterprises is often arduous and under the radar. We hope to bring a little more light for TeddyThotz and recognise their efforts and beneficiaries. Every little contribution goes a long way.


Scentkew is privileged to collaborate with TeddyThotz in helping to promote their products and raise awareness to their cause.