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"We take care of you,
so that you can
take care of others."

so says the Founder...

a loving mother to three schooling kids who juggles her time daily between family and work, with her doting husband always there to support in her.

Irene is self-employed and is very passionate about helping others. She notices that busy homemakers and professionals like herself often neglect taking care of themselves too. Others will always be a priority before self. Family always comes first. And maybe work too.

"What you gift to yourself, only then can you be a gift to others."

and so how....

While it is often thought that it is never too late to take care of yourself, but we are often wrong and it will be too late to wish you had done some lifestyle changes earlier! Irene sets out on a mission to remind us of this.

Irene hopes to create this platform to form a community to share knowledge on the unique healing potential of self-care. Hopefully through this way, you can be taken care first before you take care of others.

And so Scentkew is born……

"Time passes very quickly when one gets busy.

We always forget to take care of ourselves first."